On the Sunday 17th of February, the Lantern Festival Parade took place at the Guildhall Square and the John Hansard Gallery in celebration of the end of the Chinese New Year. Together with the event’s agenda – which included a dance parade with a Chinese dragon and lots of lanterns – a science tent was placed in the square bringing the public up-to-date information on academic research from the University of Southampton and Solent University.

The event had an estimated public of 1,400 people during the day, and all of them could interact with 5 different activities at the 18sqm science tent. DETech member Diogo Miranda represented Solent University by hosting the Sound and Vision activity. An interactive learning environment regarding two of the basic human senses: hearing and vision. The public could learn how we hear and see the world, how our brain works, and why the human body is so amazing through 3D animations and 2 panels with targeted information. Moreover, touching a maximized model of the human eye and see how the smallest bones of our body look like (3D printed objects). Kids loved. And who wouldn’t?

Dr. Diogo Miranda is a Post-doctoral researcher at Solent University and member of the DETech @Solent research group.