The goals of the project is to identify the potential of haptic feedback and Ultrahaptics technology in particular in the perception of audio localisation. This technology developed by Ultrahaptics ( an array of ultrasonic transducers that enables the sensation of tactile feedback in mid-air.
The usability test objectivesare:

  • To determine if haptic feedback improves or not the audio localisation and if so how well it does it.
  • Do different haptic sensations affect the perception.


The aim of AudioHaptics is to provide through the necessary usability tests and framework if proof of concept is valid, applicable and up to industry standards.  That is: if and at what level mid-air haptic feedback can support and strength user’s perception of audio localisation.The tests will also aim to examine the application of Ultrahaptics technology as a haptic feedback tool. Given available time addition test will take place examining other parameters and sub research questions. For example, which haptic feedback mode is moreimmersive.

Research Question

Can mid-air haptic feedback experience (using Ultrahaptics device) enable more accurate localisation of sound in space

Hypothesis – Current technologies explore various haptic and vibrotactile feedback experience through a wearable device directly contacting the skin. There are many benefits of such technologies as well as drawbacks; often require time to ‘put them on’; users are aware about the technology on their body; require calibration to individual user and restriction of movement. Whilst we know a great deal about the use of vibrotactile feedback and other haptic technologies, research around the use of ultrasonic technology and haptics is limited. This project aims to understand further applications and implications of using ultrasonic technologies.

Null Hypothesis

The haptic feedback has no effect or insignificant effect on user’s perception of audio localisation.

Title of project:


Start/End date:

Aug2018 -June2019


RIKE Awards – Solent University


Solent University

People involved:

Dr Tychonas Michailidis  Professor Chris Barlow

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